Worship & Study

We would like to invite you to join us on Thursday evenings at 7:30 for our weekly Sunday School, led by Chris Mosig. We join together over Zoom to study the word of God and to fellowship as best we can during these times. Please come join us. If you are interested you may contact Chris at cmosig67@gmail.com or 914-262-9106 and she will tell you all about how to join.

Also we are very excited to invite you to our return to In-Person Worship.

Drive-in-Worship will continue for those who wish to remain in their cars and listen to the service on the radio (tune to FM channel 95.5FM )

Worship will begin at 9:30am—but we are suggesting that we begin arriving at around 9:20am so that everyone  will be in their places by 9:30.